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We closely follow the development trend of the Internet, we firmly believe that the core values of highly qualified personnel.

We are looking for you, a challenger who embraces the internet and is passionate about change! A like and high IQ team work together, unwilling mediocre aspiring youth! A new kind of human looking forward to a free and open culture! A tough tenacious goal clear independent people!
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Job Responsibilities:
1, Responsible for O2O overall brand strategy and marketing strategy of each terminal product.
2, through online and offline brand and product promotion goals.
3, According to the business development, user needs and market research, participate in the formulation of the company's market development strategy O2O products and market development goals.
4, expand the company's marketing strategy, grasp the company's development direction in the industry to complete the company's market positioning in the industry and market opportunities analysis, timely market feedback.
5, establish and manage O2O market investment team, and to complete the annual investment objectives.
6, organize and implement all kinds of large-scale market investment activities.
1, full-time bachelor degree or above, more than 10 years working experience in the market field;
2, the Internet marketing, brand promotion has a profound accumulation and independent opinion, fan marketing, hunger marketing, community operations and other related Internet marketing.
3, Proficient in Internet marketing, familiar with all kinds of media operation, with new media related business experience.
4, familiar with the common Internet / mobile marketing and promotion model, O2O product promotion have a profound understanding of the Internet or wireless Internet product development direction and channel strategy.
5, with keen business and market awareness, have a strong planning ability, strong work execution, with excellent resource integration and business promotion capabilities.
6, good at communication, flexible thinking, strong execution, strong sense of cooperation.
7, BAT or OTA platform marketing and investment experience is preferred.


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